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Preparing for a disaster is the first step to recovering from one.

Building a more vibrant and resilient greater Houston region through an innovative collaboration with two of Houston’s most respected philanthropic partners and conveners.

Hurricane Beryl

The Greater Houston Disaster Alliance is closely monitoring and assessing the needs of those affected by Hurricane Beryl. As we work to determine the scale of the impact by the storm, we urge individuals and families to report their needs and those of their loved ones at This will enable us to better understand the extent of the damage. 

We will continue to update our assessment as more information becomes available, and we will provide further updates on our relief efforts in the coming days. Thank you to our emergency response partners who are active and supporting our community.

Connective Survey: Report Damage & Needs

We encourage those impacted by Hurricane Beryl to fill out the Connective Survey. This two-step survey will help assess the level of impact and share your needs with local non-profits and/or local government. Your participation will allow us to advocate for more resources for our community and strengthen recovery efforts. This isn’t an application for assistance, but you can opt-in to receive text messages about available new resources and assistance as they become available.

Donations made on the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance website are not being designated for Beryl relief/recovery at this time. Please check back here as the disaster unfolds to learn how you can support organizations responding in impacted communities. 

Severe Weather & Derecho Recovery Fund

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all who donated to the Severe Weather & Derecho Recovery Fund. Your incredible contributions have made a significant impact, and we appreciate your investment in our community’s resilience.

Although the Derecho Recovery Fund is now closed, you can continue to make an impact by donating to the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance, which supports year-round disaster preparedness efforts, enabling us to swiftly help our neighbors recover from any future disasters.

Preparedness is Our Priority

Greater Houston has and will continue to face the risk of extreme weather events due to our Gulf Coast vicinity. This new initiative brings together Greater Houston Community Foundation and United Way of Greater Houston’s combined 35 years of experience in philanthropic disaster response efforts.

Leveraging our shared experience, this critical partnership intends to significantly enhance our region’s ability to cope with disasters, enable better allocation of time and resources during times of disaster, and ultimately, increase the speed and quality of recovery for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Greater Houston Community Foundation and United Way of Greater Houston have distributed over $250 million in disaster relief support since 2005. It is critical we invest in the systems and processes that allow us to effectively raise and distribute these resources quickly following a disaster, outside of when we are actively responding to a disaster. 

Two Teams: One Goal

Mary Vazquez, Amanda McMillian, Steve Maislin, and Diana Zarzuelo with the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance.
Greater Houston Community Foundation and the United Way of Greater Houston stand together in our commitment to improving our region’s preparedness through the creation of the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance.

Why Our Work Matters

When it comes to disasters, we know it’s only a matter of time before the greater Houston area will be impacted again and the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance gives us the opportunity to take a more proactive and effective approach to disaster resiliency and recovery. Having the generous support of Enbridge and Phillips 66 is extremely meaningful and we are grateful to them for prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our community in times of disaster.

Steve Maislin, President and CEO, Greater Houston Community Foundation

With every disaster, we see that families and individuals who were already struggling to afford the basic necessities are disproportionately impacted when crisis strikes. Recognizing the economic peril that many in our community face when disaster strikes, compels us to develop the most effective and equitable social service response that we can now. That is why the work of the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance is so important.

Amanda McMillian, President and CEO, United Way of Greater Houston

Enbridge is keen about safety and being prepared for events that may occur is a critical part of that. The Disaster Alliance gives hard-working Houstonians the tools and resources to navigate future natural disasters and their long-term impact. The partnership builds relationships and systems to improve resiliency, response, and recovery in our region. This is vitally important work that we are proud to support.

Greg Ebel, President and CEO, Enbridge

“Phillips 66 is committed to building a stronger, safer, more resilient community. The Disaster Alliance works toward that goal by inspiring action, identifying solutions and improving lives. It’s a purposeful partnership that will make Houston more secure economically, socially and environmentally.”

Mark Lashier, President and CEO, Phillips 66