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Greater Houston Disaster Alliance

Strengthening Disaster Preparedness Year-Round

Greater Houston Community Foundation and United Way of Greater Houston launched the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance to strengthen year-round disaster preparedness and ensure that our region has the social services network and systems in place to respond rapidly, equitably, and effectively in times of disaster.

What We Are Focused On

Maintaining and strengthening year-round disaster preparedness.

Establish Disaster-Ready Infrastructure:

Greater Houston Disaster Alliance will expand joint disaster partnership capacity to lead our community’s philanthropic response and administer joint disaster funds that leverage the strengths and assets of each organization, ultimately building a team dedicated to this work year-round.

Strengthen Joint Fund Efforts:

The Disaster Alliance will pursue disaster recovery and resiliency partnerships and continuous improvement strategies such as a unified communication strategy with media and outreach partners; technological solutions to accelerate immediate disaster relief; nonprofit capacity building to address “service deserts”; continuous learning and preparedness among disaster recovery partners; and policies and practices to accelerate early response grantmaking, to name a few.

Strengthening our roles as conveners and disaster recovery and resiliency funders.

Catalyzing Disaster Resiliency & Recovery Collaboration:

A cross-sector council of public-private leaders will focus on establishing and aligning disaster resiliency and recovery strategies, as well as a council of philanthropic leaders designed to activate fundraising and maximize public and private investment opportunities in recovery and resiliency.

Establishing a Disaster Recovery & Resiliency Fund:

Create a permanent fund designed to accelerate philanthropic response with resources that can quickly be released when a disaster occurs, in addition to providing seed funding for innovative solutions that strengthen our region’s resiliency through investments in the social service sector that aim to reduce the reoccurring harm caused by disasters and enable more effective disaster recovery.

The Greater Houston Community Foundation and the United Way of Greater Houston stand together in our commitment to improving our region’s preparedness through the creation of the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance.
Working Together to Help Those in Need

Your Support Makes a Difference

In the last five years, we partnered with our donors and community to raise $180.9 million through 5 funds and distributed 300 grants to nonprofit partners that supported the recovery of 700,000 individuals in more than 268,700 households.

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Recovering from Past Disasters

Our Efforts Make a Difference

Greater Houston Community Foundation and United Way of Greater Houston have 20+ years of experience as philanthropic first responders, collectively administering 16 disaster funds and raising and distributing more than $350 million to support the recovery of hundreds of thousands of local families through our nonprofit partners. We joined forces to help our community recover from COVID-19 and the 2021 winter storm.