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Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofit organizations are a primary partner of the Greater Houston Disaster Alliance. They play a crucial role not only in disaster response and recovery, but in building disaster resiliency in communities. Nonprofits often have deep community roots and trust, program implementation experience, and the capacity to adapt. They are indispensable partners in creating more resilient and prepared communities.


The Alliance’s three strategic goals are to raise and deploy funds faster, increase equitable access to recovery, and catalyze public and private partnerships. By working closely with nonprofit organizations, we can achieve outcomes that would be difficult to accomplish as individual organizations, especially in the context of disaster where comprehensive, community-wide efforts are essential. 

Greater Houston Disaster Alliance Nonprofit Partner Portal

Any nonprofit that is interested in staying connected to the Disaster Alliance and/or applying for future disaster funding is encouraged to establish an agency profile in our portal.

Establishing a profile and completing annual updates is not an application for nor guarantee of funding; however, a goal of the Disaster Alliance is to deploy funds as quickly as possible during times of disaster. Establishing a nonprofit profile in our portal and, if eligible, completing an annual update is the best way to get connected to any funding opportunities that may become available in the future. 

Why should your organization engage with GHDA?

  1. Connect with like-minded organizations, government offices, and other groups engaged in disaster preparedness, recovery, and resilience.
  2. Stay up-to-date on disaster-related grant opportunities.
  3. Access capacity building resources like trainings, webinars, workshops, and more.
  4. Express your voice and share your experiences and expertise to affect change.
  5. Share your disaster resiliency success stories with broad audiences.


We will continue to update this webpage as the Disaster Alliance continues to grow.

Questions about the Nonprofit Partner Portal: Sara Martinez at

Questions about the Disaster Alliance in general: Brooke Campbell at or Sara Martinez at